As seen in the "About" tab, Safari Studio Adventures is a Christian based philanthropy helping those that cannot help themselves. In the past few years God has allowed us to be a part of some pretty incredible miracles. 100% of any donation received goes immediately to the need. It is with your help that we are able to share God's love and message with others that may not be in the position to experience on their own. We now serve those in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, India and Pakistan. We work with the smaller orphanages of 50 children or so that fall between the cracks of the bigger charity organizations. We work with small families in tribal areas and with abused women. We have been able to provide beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, wheelchairs, wells for clean drinking water, medicines, emergency surgeries, rent, food, clothing, educational fees, goats and chickens, and even coffins.

In 2020, I became aware of a need that gets ignored by many other charity organizations, the need for sanitary pads for teenage orphan girls. African girls, especially in orphanages, find the change to womanhood very difficult as they do not have the materials needed for proper female hygiene. The lack of such causes girls to drop out of school during periods. My original plans to help these girls were thwarted by Covid-19. But, recently, we were able to provide cases of sanitary pads to about 22 teenage girls of Home of Peace orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. My hope is to add more orphanages to my new initiative, African Violets. But, I need your help. Each case includes 24 packs of 7 pads each and costs $20. We now have a three case inventory at Home of Peace, available for their girls. If you would like to become a member, please contact me at: [email protected], donations can be made via my Paypal account. Donations may be made at $20 levels and funds will be directed to the directors of orphanages in need. Thank you in advance for your help and may God bless you for giving.