Due to the creative nature of the work and the numerous variables that may apply, each project is individually priced at Safari Studios Adventures In Photography.


But, for those needing product photography for a website, catalog, brochure or flyer, pricing can be rather simple. Examples include: toys, jewelry, figurines, collectibles, perfumes, lotions, etc., items isolated on a flat white background. In these instances, a client packs and ships his/her items to our home-based studio. Once those items arrive, we unpack each carton, checking each for any missing items and/or damage during shipping. Each item is photographed against a white seamless background. The images are then checked for color, exposure and saturation; dust-spotted, if needed; cropped to a universal size; and saved to the desired format (tif, png or jpg). Previews can be viewed online, modified, if needed, and approved. Once approval is received and payment processed, finished images can be downloaded from our site. Items are then repacked and shipped back to the client, if the client so desires, with shipping charged to the client's account or pre-paid prior to return shipping. (Safari Studios Adventures In Photography is not liable or responsible for shipping loss or damage).


Please note: The client receives the royalty-free right of unlimited usage of purchased images. However, Safari Studios Adventures In Photography retains the copyright to these images and may use these images in its own online and print advertising. The client's unlimited usage does not include the usage by a third party, only by the client.


Handling, set-up charges and taxes are included in prices stated below.


* $30 ea. - One to Ten Photos  * $25 ea. - Eleven to Thirty Photos   * $20 ea. - Thirty-one to Fifty  * $15 ea. - Fifty-one to One hundred  


* Please contact us for orders that exceed 100 for special pricing.


* Pricing above is for single items, for multiple items in photo, please add $10 per image.


* Images can be photographed on graduated "cyc" background and reflective surface, as the Precious Moments' hula girl figurine shown in Product gallery, please add $5 per image.


* Backgrounds other than white are available at additional cost.


* Multiple views of an item count as additional photos.


* Please contact the studio for additional questions.