My name is Barnia (Barney) Scruggs, Jr. I am a photographer, artist, animator, illustrator, designer, inventor and cartoonist, living in the middle Tennessee area.
Having always loved the African experience, I named my studio, Safari Studios Adventures In Photography, to reflect my passion to explore, discover and create great images. "Safari" is a swahili word for "journey". I invite you to grab your khakis and sunscreen and join me on this adventure.
I specialize in mixing art and photography. Digital technology allows me to produce uniquely beautiful images that stand out from the rest of the herd, much like a zebra in a migrating herd of wildebeest, hence, my zebra logo.
I believe images should be creative and produce interest, whether it be riding your motorcycle across the surface of your pool or capturing your shrunken sister in a jar. Almost anything is possible. We explore the possibilities, discover the capture and experience the final image.
My images are used for personal as well as advertising and commercial purposes, including: home & office decor, murals, websites, flyers, books, magazines, car wraps and personal gifts such as large canvas prints and woven printed throws.
Have a special idea for an image? Need an original image for a project? Contact me. What is Your Adventure?