My name is Barnia (Barney) Scruggs, Jr. I am an artist and photographer, living in the middle Tennessee area. You may know me from my past work as a designer, illustrator, animator or from seeing me in my zebra-striped Xterra (GOZEBRA).
Having always loved the African experience, I created and named my studio, Safari Studio Adventures, to reflect my passion to explore, discover and capture great images. "Safari" is a swahili word for "journey". I believe our lives are a journey with a God-given purpose to discover. I invite you to grab your khakis and sunscreen and join me on this adventure.
Safari Studio Adventures is much more than an art or photography studio.

We strive to be a sustainable, responsible and "green" organization. We are globally aware of how we affect our environment and are involved with those with similar beliefs, protecting wildlife and helping those peoples that may need a helping hand. By Entertaining, Educating and Exciting others, we Engage them to participate in our Experience. Check out our blog for future plans or our "Marafiki" tab for photos of these friends and the work we do in other lands. 

Photoshop allows me to specialize in mixing art and photography. Digital technology allows me to produce uniquely beautiful images that stand out from the rest of the herd, much like a zebra in a migrating herd of wildebeest, hence, my zebra logo.
Of course, with the advent of digital photography and the availability of cell phone photography, images are now everywhere. But, I believe, images should be creative, beautiful and produce interest, whether it be riding your motorcycle across the surface of your pool, capturing your shrunken sister in a jar or, maybe, you might seem to stand in front of exotic wild animals (like above). Almost anything is possible. My images have been used for personal as well as commercial purposes.
Have a special idea for an image? Need an original image for a project? Contact me. What is Your Adventure?